Five Autoimmune Pillars


AIP Protocol




If you have are overwhelmed by implementing the autoimmune protocol (AIP), I can help!


I call my program the AIP Inflammation Slayer Program.  It helps you to wipe out the inflammation that's fueling your illness(es). Once you have one autoimmune disease the likelihood that you'll develop more is increases exponentially.  Click on the photo linked at the right to learn how I can help YOU slay YOUR inflammation and take control of your autoimmune disease.

AIP Inflammation Slayer

Everyone asks me, "What's the best first step towards improving my autoimmune disease?"  My answer is always the same...


We are all deficient in nutrients.  Green smoothies are the quickest, easiest and most delicious way to change that immediately.  Click on the green smoothie photo to to learn more.  It's time!

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My Journey Has Been Very Challenging

Is Your Story Like Mine?

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