Becoming an Outlier
Becoming an Outlier
Becoming an Outlier

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Change requires new choices.

New choices illicit change.

Change oftentimes means becoming an outlier.

No I’m not just tossing a big word salad, here. I’m giving it to you straight.  Your health depends on every single choice you make.  Every one.  Physical and emotional.


It’s the new year.  We are all reviewing our choices to see how much change we’re willing to make in order to get  new (and improved) outcomes, right?

I believe the #1 reason we fail to successfully execute change in our life is because the steps we need to take in order to realize our goals, oftentimes separates us from the pack. Click To Tweet

We humans…we like to herd. 

We’re sheeple.

Separating from the people we’ve been traveling with for a LONG time forces us to be outliers.  That, friends,  is a totally weird territory for most. 

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a bit of an outlier, lol. It’s been a process getting here, but yeah, here I am and oddly enough, I love it.

I didn’t choose to be an outlier, it happened by attrition. I made choices and decisions that landed me here.  You can (and many of you will) do the same.

When we are young and lack the experience necessary to make thoughtful decisions for ourselves, we learn herding makes life more user friendly.  Rules, regulations, expectations….they all make day to day decisions easier.  Religion, political parties, laws, morality, rules & regulations, ethnic background, lifestyle….they all have overarching beliefs that many of us continue to use as road maps even if they no longer serve us. 

These influences are important for us when we are young.  Having to make decisions about every single thing in your earlier years would be overwhelming if you didn’t have some basic guidelines to follow, right? 

What you did in your youth doesn’t mean you have to hold onto it forever. 

You wore diapers as a kid but you reached a point where you learned to sit on the toilet and take care of business, right?

BREAKING NEWS.  We are all holding onto a lot of shit from our childhood that is screwing up our adulthood. 

I made a lot of changes as an adult that were the exact opposite of what I was raised to believe during my formative years.  I reached a point in my adult life where things that I was doing didn’t feel good anymore. I changed them.

You, friend, are allowed to change your mind about anything.  ANYTHING — at any time.

My choices to change have clearly made me an outlier.  A much more physically and emotionally healthy outlier, but an outlier nonetheless.

The older we get the more difficult it seems to shed the expectations of others in order to become who we need to be to thrive as we desire. 

Let’s be honest.  I don’t have a lot of other folks to answer to in my life.   I chose to be single and childless so that right there knocks a ton of pressure off of me. I get to focus a lot more on my own needs without having to consider everyone else’s all the time.

That said I’m a caretaker by nature so yeah, I get it.  Way more than you might believe.

Here’s the $1million question. 

Are you using everyone else’s expectations of you and your interaction with the herd, to keep yourself from making new choices that will illicit the change you claim you desire?

Asking for a friend.

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