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Blue Light

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I’m sure I am not the only one here who has been reading about the blue light that emanates from our devices and how it affects our sleep. It’s serious business.

Recently, I went through a two weeks stretch of work that kicked my ass. When I got home at night I was toast.  TOAST.  So I did what lots of folks do, I opened up my laptop and buried my face in Netflix and binged watched an old TV series (Boston Legal) for a few weeks. 

I haven’t owned a TV for 20 years, but like everyone, sometimes I need a little mindless entertainment and for that I use my laptop and my Netflix subscription.  Truth be told, I also like Netflix because it has a lot of great health and wellness documentaries. You should explore some of them.

While I always work at night from my laptop, I almost always crawl into bed to wind down with a book. I am a book nerd, through and through. 

This week, the internet where I’m staying died and service is a cluster, we’ve been without the internet for a few days. Me?  No crisis  for me I went back to reading , which is a good thing.

But here’s the rub…

When I removed the late night blue light, holy crap! Not only did I get more sleep (2 more hours every night) it was better quality sleep, with less interruptions. Click To Tweet

I actually woke up on the fourth day of eight hours of sleep and said to myself, “Ummm, is that me that feels like clicking her heels?  Do I actually feel good?”

So often, the things we can’t see, taste or touch affect us in negative ways.  Because it doesn’t seem as obvious as the nose on our face, we discount it.


Blue light.  Inflammation.  Stress. 

They all fall into the category of out of sight out of mind. 

I am shocked by the number of people who tell me they struggle with sleep.  SHOCKED.  Maybe it’s time for you to consider removing the devices OR blocking them with blue blocker glasses.

Sleep it critical to the body detoxing, healing and repairing.  It’s a big whoop, treat it accordingly.

Got a friend who isn’t sleeping well?  Maybe this information will help. Please share.

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