Buying in Bulk Leads to Eating in Bulk
Buying in Bulk Leads to Eating in Bulk
Buying in Bulk Leads to Eating in Bulk

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I recently moved and due to convenience I started shopping at Costco with greater regularity. While it can surely be a money saver it has reminded me of one thing I have come to know for sure… 

Buying in bulk leads to eating in bulk, even when you are eating as healthfully as I do. While buying this way can be economical, it can also be the kiss of death for those of us who lack the ability to say NO.

If you aren’t buying for 4 or more people, I’m going to strongly recommend that you carefully consider what you buy in bulk.  Hear me out on this one, please.  It seems like it’s not a big deal, but it is.

Since my awareness of the “cause and effect” factor has come fully into play (what I eat directly affects how I feel ) I have become much better at saying NO. 

Why is it easier? 

Pain, discomfort, depression— in a nutshell,  inflammation.

When I break my promise to care for myself and end up feeling shitty, I not only physically feel bad, I also beat myself up emotionally for not making better choices. 

My guess is you have done the same as well, right?

When you buy foods in huge (and I mean huge) containers your brain believes that “there is more than enough” so go ahead, keep eating.  It’s part of our built in survival system. 

We are organic beings programmed through our own evolution to be looking for calorie rich foods to fuel our bodies. That’s science 101. Our brains prioritize survival before all else. Click To Tweet

Our brain seeks out food sources that will keep us alive. It’s their job. However, having massive quantities of food readily available 24/7 wasn’t figured into that behavior in our evolution. If these foods are everywhere and the brain is telling you to eat them, it can be a challenge for many.

A lot of us beat ourselves up for not having willpower.  The easiest way to remedy that problem is to NOT have an over abundance of foods in your home.  We each have to learn how to handle the messages our brain is sending us.

If you want to learn more on this fascinating subject, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Doug Lisle’s book, The Pleasure Trap. His information was a complete and utter game changer for me and empowered me is ways I did not expect.

Here is a recent “buy in bulk” example of my own…full disclosure.

One of the few processed foods I currently enjoy is Siete Foods cassava chips.  They are sold in 4 and 5 ounce bags at the “regular” supermarket.  At Costco they are sold in a 12 ounce bags and yes, they are a great price point.  However, that’s double or triple the regular size and once it’s opened that bitch keeps calling me until it’s empty.  Seriously calls to me.

It can be the same with a LOT of “healthier” foods as well.  I’m only cooking for one or two people with great regularity.  When I buy a bag of zucchini and summer squash that has 8 pieces in it, I feel compelled to not waste it.  I find myself making bigger meals and putting more on my plate then I need to in order to “use it up.”  Any good chef hates food waste – it makes me insane to throw out food. 

Organic olive oil in huge bottles? How about a heavier pour on the salad? Good for you but at 120 calories a TABLESPOON that can be problematic for some folks.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s good fat, really it is.  But liberal use can add up with this calorie dense food item.

Willpower is not MY strong suit.  I temper my willpower by not allowing the stuff through the front door in the first place.  We all have to figure out what our mind games are, a big one for me is tricking my brain into believing that there is not an endless supply of food in the house for me to consume. 

I like to be prepared and have the right foods on hand but when it it too much?  Be realistic with your strengths and weaknesses and work with them.  That’s how winners win.

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