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Carotenemia manifests itself as yellow skin.

I had a photo come up in my Facebook feed today and I decided it was time to dive into this subject a just a little deeper.  Is you skin yellow like mine? 

yellow skin

As you can see in the above photo my color isn’t right.  Taken in the dead of winter when my tan is all but gone, I was kind of shocked when I initially saw this photo. It wasn’t until I learned about this yellow skin thing that I understood what was happening.  Keep in mind I had already be diagnosed with Hashimoto’s I just wasn’t aware that yellowing skin was part of my new deal.

Hashimoto’s is one of the most under and improperly diagnosed conditions currently plaguing women. The reason for this is because the testing protocols have changed and the medical industrial complex (traditional medicine) in general has not embraced the new testing paradigm.   

Do you have an autoimmune disease yet to be diagnosed?  Check out this blog post for more details.

The thyroid is the gas pedal of the body.  It is critical to your overall health and well being and in my opinion, not given the serious attention it needs.  The thyroid is responsible for sending out a signal to all of your organs (skin is an organ) telling it how to function.  If it sends out a slow (or fast signal) for years, eventually your organs are going to suffer and suddenly you’ll have heart, gall bladder, liver or skin issues that you have “no idea where they came from.”

When people say, “I’m healthy except for a little thyroid trouble” I cringe.  The thyroid is serious business, folks and getting it properly diagnosed is super important. 

Before blood work became a diagnostic tool, one of the indicators of hypothyroidism (autoimmune or otherwise) was yellowing skin or carotenemia. Click To Tweet

 If the body is sending out a slow signal due to hypothyroidism, it can also be slow at converting carotenes to Vitamin A. When this happens the excess carotenes appear in the body as “yellow or orange” skin tones.

There is a huge difference between jaundice (liver based) and carotenemia because carotenemia is a benign health issue and jaundice is serious business.  Jaundice can be seen in a yellowing in the whites of your eyes. Carotenemia, on the other hand, shows up in the skin, more prevalently in the palms of your hands and soles of your feet.  It can also appear all over like it does for me.

Carotenes are the plant forms of a precursor to Vitamin A, a critical micro nutrient to good overall health.  Carotenes are typically found in foods that are orange like carrots, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, squashes and bell peppers.  I don’t eat any of these in excess.

Carotenes are also prevalent in dark leafy greens, which I eat a ton of, so it’s no surprise that due to a sluggish thyroid, yellowing of the skin shows up in Jodi World.  It may also be a good way for you to do a little detective work of your own.  If you have carotenemia, you too, might have a thyroid issue (autoimmune or otherwise). 

I share this diagnostic tool only because many women are falling through the cracks because their doctors aren’t testing appropriately and thus not properly diagnosing their health issues. If you have the above listed symptoms along with yellow/orangish skin and your doctor says you are fine, find another doctor that knows how to not only do the right tests, but interpret them as well.

Your best bet isn’t necessarily a traditional endocrinologist because many still rely on outdated testing methods.  Functional medical doctors will likely get to diagnoses much more quickly than a traditional doctor.  You can’t start working on fixing your problems if you don’t clearly know and understand what they are.
The skin, is a window to the inside of your body.  Always.  If you are going to doctor after doctor in search of answers to your nagging health issues and not getting the help you need maybe I can help you get on track.

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