Coconut Oil – My Morning Routine
Coconut Oil – My Morning Routine
Coconut Oil – My Morning Routine

coconut oil my morning routine

There was a time in my life I didn’t think I’d see 50, let alone feel as energetic and vibrant as I do now.    I’m so grateful for the opportunity to feel like I have a whole other life ahead of me.  One filled with knowledge, power and the belief that whatever I put off in the past is now attainable.  It’s super encouraging.

Understand clearly that your skin is the largest organ in your body and whatever you put ON it is readily and quickly absorbed.  Great care should be given to EVERY SINGLE  item you use for personal grooming, especially for those of us with autoimmune disease.  The general rule of thumb should be this…if you wouldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t be putting it on your body.

CRAZY; Right?

Do yourself a huge favor this week and pay attention to everything that you put on your body. Just do it for a week.   Do you know what’s in it?  Read the labels.  Whatever you put on your skin is mainlining into your system.

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Chemicals are everywhere and many of them are not only making us sick  but for those of us with autoimmune issues, there are hormone disruptors that are blocking our body’s ability to heal properly.

If we don’t SEE them, we figure they aren’ there, right?  They are in our food, water, our health care products and the air we breathe.  No matter how you consume them, you are ingesting them.

Understand that it is nearly impossible to eliminate all chemicals from our lives, but anywhere we can reduce our chemical load  easily,  I strongly suggest you put some effort into doing so.

A great resource for learning more about the concerns and safety of personal care items is the Environmental Working Group’s website.  I trust their content and you can,  too.

I want to catch you before you watch this video and chat about one item in particular.

Deodorant.  It’s loaded with crap – especially aluminum.  Also typically found in deodorant (and super shitty for you) are triclosan and fragrances.  There is nothing natural about fragrances, they are  nothing more than chemical compounds.

I know for most of us swiping on deodorant is nothing more than a daily habit.  Most folks I know don’t even think about it, they just automatically swipe it on.  Do you really need it EVERY day?   Sure, there is bacteria that grows in our pits and can make us smelly, absolutely!!!

 You Know What the Biggest Contributor to Your Body Odor is?  Your Diet.

Here’s what I discovered when I went vegan for a stretch a few years back (I am NOT suggesting this for everyone, just making a point…relax).  When I did, my body odor all but disappeared.  I’m back on limited amounts of meat now but no dairy, and still, no issues with body odor.  Do I keep deodorant in my bathroom?  YES!  Some times when I want to go out and get fancy I don’t want to risk being stinky. So yeah, maybe like 12 times  year I use actual deodorant.  Full disclosure.

The rest of the time….I do this…

coconut oil my morning routine

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