Culinary Medicine Conference
Culinary Medicine Conference
Culinary Medicine Conference

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I’ve been an outlier most of my life.    I’m happy to follow the crowd if they are going somewhere productive, but if they’re not, I’ve always been the first to defect and figure out a new path.

Wasting time on behavior that doesn’t yield positive outcomes is not my thing. During my own healing journey, I realized that the sheeple weren’t getting good results and I had to find a better way.

This past weekend I attended a culinary medicine conference.  I had some expectations going into the event as I had a history with some of the major players.  I’m thrilled that the term “culinary medicine” even exists, and I am incredibly grateful that the conversation linking food and medicine has started in the allopathic community. 

Sadly, corporate influence has and will continue to have a stronghold on health outcomes for a while to come. 

The Cliff Notes version of what I experienced this weekend is this.  Traditional medicine is just now dipping it’s toe in the pool that functional medicine has been swimming in for just shy of 30 years. What has forced them there?  Cost and bad press.   

Insurance companies are finally being hit hard — where it hurts most — their wallet.  Be clear, they don’t give a rats ass about you, they care about one thing only —their fiscal bottom line.

My goal here is not to criticize my recent experience, but to let you know what I saw and that is this — traditional medicine still doesn’t get it and they aren’t going to get it any time soon.   


PROCESSED plant-based foods are not the answer.


There is a HUGE difference between plant-based and chemical shit storm.

High fructose corn syrup is plant-based.  That doesn’t make it good for you, right?

Genetically modified, chemically laden “plant-based” foods will make you sick.  Why?  Because your body can’t recognize the new chemical structures that these “foods” have and they can and do wreak havoc with your body.

Here is the ingredients label taken from a product that one of the event sponsors as pushing as a “plant-based” based solution for institutional settings.  There is one whole food item in the ingredients list, brown rice.

Culinary Medicine Conference

Don’t get me wrong, plants are your friends. 

They are chock full of phyto-nutrients important to good health. 

Chemical derivatives of plants do NOT make them healthy choices.

Chemical derivatives of plants do NOT make them healthy choices. Click To Tweet

Genetically modified versions of plants only make them higher risk.

We can keep circling around the issues or we can do something about them.

Traditional “healthcare” continues to falls into Einstein’s theory of insanity.   


Because they keeping doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results. 

Until traditional “healthcare” extricates itself from the corporate hold that agro-business and pharma has on them, outcomes will not change – we’ll just shift from one health issue to another.


What I saw was a lot of “robbing Peter to pay Paul” meaning short term fixes to solve one problem that only ignite the fire under another.  Products are flying onto the shelf that are a band aid for whatever healthcare crisis the news is currently reporting, only to open up another can of worms for other negative health outcome from their consumption.

We are sick because we aren’t consuming food, but chemicals.


When the GMO issue was posed for discussion and it was made clear that it would not be on the table this year, or next, I shook my head. 


And while the USDA and FDA continue to approve “foods” and chemicals for us to consume that are GRAS (generally regarded as safe) here’s what we DON’T know.


Tested in isolation, any given chemical might appear to be safe.  However,  add it to the other 9 gazillion chemicals that exist in our foods and we have no idea how they work in concert with one another.  So when I talk about a chemical shit storm, I’m not trying to be funny, I’m telling the truth. We have no idea what this chemical shit storm is going to do to the body.


Nutritional deficiency is one of the biggest problems we all face.  Processed foods are stripped of the nutrients we need to function on a metabolic level. All macro (proteins, carbs & fats) and micro (vitamins and minerals) nutrients are necessary for health promoting metabolic reactions to take place in your body.  Remove any one of them and you’re screwed.   

Autoimmune disease is on the rise. 

Inflammation is the core of autoimmunity. 

Chemical shit storms are at the core of most of this inflammation.

When you eat whole organic foods, inflammation subsides.

It’s not rocket science.

I’m grateful that this conversation has started in the traditional medical community, really I am. Even the Cleveland Clinic, one of the most esteemed medical institutions in the world, has gotten the memo and opened up a functional medicine clinicThey know they can’t avoid the science any longer.  Hopefully the culinary medicine folks will soon follow suit.

For today — soapbox out.

Please share this information with anyone you think might benefit from reading it.

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