Dinner for Breakfast
Dinner for Breakfast
Dinner for Breakfast

Many of you know that I have an auto-immune disease called Hashimotos and that I am working my hardest to help improve my health outcomes by changing the food I eat. Breakfast is difficult for anyone who is trying to avoid the standard offerings OR what we consider to be the “standard” fare for breakfast.

Who Made Up the Breakfast Rules Anyway?

Traditionally sweet, carbohydrate filed modern day breakfast set you up for nothing more than failure.  They general supply a sharp rise in either blood sugar or give you a caffeine rush  only to leave you feeling depleted and exhausted by 10 am.

Quick, pour in more coffee!

It’s a horrible way to start your day.

I took it upon myself to start messing with the norm.  Yeah, I’m sorta like that.  I started focusing on giving my body incredible FUEL in the morning.  Sustainable fuel not this crash and burn bullshit.

My solution?  Dinner for breakfast.  No joke.

Yes, I’m still having my morning green smoothie, but I’ve bumped that up to lunch.  I’m doing a huge breakfast between 8-9 am that looks something like this.dinner for breakfast

That’s cauliflower, chicken and mix of spinach and carrots is hearty and delish.

What a game changer this has been.

Hear me out for a minute, seriously.

Leftovers.  That’s how I make this all work.  It’s nothing more than leftovers.

The chicken is already cooked.  I slice and re-heat along with the blanched cauliflower.  It happens all in one big cast iron skillet and  takes only about 8 minutes to pull it together in the morning.

I purposely make leftovers that I can quickly re-heat in a single pan  every morning (just say no to the microwave). Typically my breakfast plate consists of three things…

  1. small portion of animal protein
  2. lots of greens
  3. gut plugging “carb” like side dish (usually cauliflower or sweet potato)

The results have been mind boggling.  Seriously, mind boggling.  People tell me very frequently they cannot believe my energy.  I have stamina now that I have only dreamed of in the past.  No joke. I say to myself sometimes at like 3pm, “I can’t believe I’m not tired yet.”  WTH?

I work as a waitress a few days a week in a VERY busy lunch place. We get crazy slammed and I am, at 52, able to run my ass of and get shit down without burning out.  It’s amazing.

The one two punch of dinner for breakfast followed up by my green smoothie for lunch makes me unstoppable. Click To Tweet

dinner for breakfast

Sometimes you have to tweek the norm in order to figure out what works for YOU!!!

My food day generally looks usually like this.  I rise most days by 6am.

6 am – coffee (one cup) – yes it’s the last bad habit I’m holding onto – full disclosure
8 am – dinner for breakfast (enormous hot breakfast)
10am – smoothie (I bring it to work with me and drink it while I’m setting up at the restaurant – 10am)
2pm – second smoothie.  sometimes a piece of fruit too.
5pm – huge salad
7pm – fruit snack

But Here’s the Great Thing About This Setup

I prep ALL of my food ahead of time.  Yes, that means that I have to spend a chunk of time usually twice a week (typically Sunday and then again on Thursday) getting food ready, but that means that on a daily basis preparing a meal is a snap.

I make individual salads twice a week. That means when I get home at the end of an exhausting day, dinner is made and in the fridge, ready to go.  Not a bad thing.  A ready to eat salad in the fridge is NEVER a bad thing.  EVER.

dinner for breakfast

Clearly this method isn’t for everyone, but I share it in hopes that anyone who is struggling with making their daily food plan work might find some inspiration in what I’m doing.

Sometimes we need to think outside the box.

Be brave.  Change things up a bit until you find what works for YOU.

I’ll be honest, as the cold weather settles in, a HOT breakfast is a welcoming thing in my home.  Yes, indeed.

Please share this information with anyone you think might benefit from reading it.

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