Here’s the deal, folks.  I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV.  Much of what I have learned about wellness and health in general has come out of necessity.  Unable to get the answer and results I have wanted from my doctors, I have gone on the hunt and found the information I need to help ME MOVE FORWARD with my health.

I share the information I have gathered here, with you, not as advice, but as a resource of information of what I am gathering and have gathered for use on my own behalf.  Do not misconstrue any information found her as medical advice.  EVER.  You should consult a doctor before implementing any information found here or anywhere on line.  Always.

I’m a gal that doesn’t mince her words.  My personal views and comments are just that, mine.  My blog is chock full of my opinions on a lot of things.  You will find the f-bomb on my website from time to time. You’ll see words like shit, arse, asshole, motherf@#ker, tight ass…from time to time.  It’s my vernacular and nothing more.  The content on this blog is my opinion and it is not intended in any way to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company or individual, person or thing.  My delivery method, not always cool with others.  If you find it offensive, I suggest you gather your information somewhere less offensive for your sensibilities instead of telling me how offensive my language is.  Seriously.  There are plenty of place on the web to gather info.  I’m not for general consumption.  Surely there is someone out there with good content and less direct language that can help you.  Capice?

I am h-u-m-a-n.  I sometimes make mistakes (gasp!) that I don’t intend to make.  Understand that this is reality, and never intentional.

Blogs are fluid.  Information changes. Science is changing rapidly.  Be aware that content, sources, information and links change over time.

I have NO control over the links that I use as references in my blogs.  URLs and domains change hands without my knowledge. If a link changes to a porn site (or something equally offensive)  I have no control over that.  So please, don’t get pissed off at me, let me know and I’ll gladly remove the offender from my post.

I work hard to make sure images you see here are used in accordance with the people who have taken them.  Most are mine.  Occasionally I have to seek outside sources for pictures and I make every effort to acquire and use them under the terms designated by those who created them.  Be clear that my intent is never to offend anyone with photos that appear anywhere on my site.

I am not responsible for comments posted on my blog/website nor will I be held liable, for anything anyone says in the comments section or any laws they may break in my country or theirs through their content, implications and intent. I do my very best to moderate all comments on my blog, but I don’t live on line 24/7, so I can’t control everything.  I’m good, but not that good.

My intention is to do no harm with my content.  To not injure others, defame, libel or harm anyone.  What you find here is my opinion, advice and not counsel.  What I write on my blog should not be taken as fact or absolution.  If anyone uses any of my advice, tips, techniques and recommendations, and are injured, I will not be held responsible.  YOU have made the decision to engage in activity based on what you have read, no me.  Put your big girl pants on and follow up with professionals you can trust to implement any content you have found here with your INDIVIDUAL needs.  I don’t know anything about you or your health.  If you choose to implement anything you read here in your own day to day living, that is YOUR choice and free will.  I will not be held accountable for your interpretations of what you have read here.

The world is big and I like it.  Unfortunately there are a lot of cultures and languages to potentially be offended in the process of translation. I can’t control that.  Do you know that my name J-O-D-I translates (literally!!!) to “I fucked” in Spanish.  Swear to GAWD.  Again, put your big girl pants on and understand that I am not responsible for any defamatory statements bound to government, religious or other laws from any reader’s country of origin.

Anyone who has(or has not) read all of the above and still wants to sue me for what I have written, wants to come after me personally, my personal possessions, my business, my business possessions, assets, property, current income, future income, blah, blah, blah, know this.  I am limiting my financial responsibility to you to $100 (one hundred U.S. Dollars).