Essential Oils
Essential Oils

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Since my very first whiff, essential oils have left me shaking my head a bit. 

I have strongly disliked patchouli oil from the get go.  Actually, that’s putting it pretty mildly.  I can smell it at 50 paces and when I do, I go into “patchouli alert” mode.  Gah.  Horrible.  Can’t stand it. That’s more honest, lol.

It’s no surprise that when the essential oils movement started to take hold I had some trepidation about all the “smelly” oils.  I am super sensitive to all odors, not just patchouli so basically I put a big wall up between me and anyone who was selling essential oils.  It’s been a tall wall.

While I know that there are many well intended people out there earning a great living, helping people and selling essential oils, I personally loathe MLM  (Multi-Level Marketing) business models.  So when you combine product apprehension and selling practices that don’t warm the cockles of my heart I’m not likely to even kick the tires.  Nope.  Gonna just pass on it all. 

That said, I have backpacked with my tiny bottle of tea tree oil (good for cuts, bites and scrapes) and have used eucalyptus oil to help loosen up a tight cough when I had a respiratory virus (think Vick’s Vapo Rub) but I’ve never gone any deeper. 

Until recently.

Brace yourself for this one.  Frankincense. 

I had some weird looking discoloration on my left arm and because we need to keep our eyes on these things, I did — diligently (photos help).  It didn’t change much over a two week window of time and I was contemplating a visit to the doctor (high anxiety for me) when my friend said, “Here, try this on it.  It’s pretty good for skin tags and such, maybe it will help.”

I put some oil on it in the morning and at night and in a matter of weeks it was gone. Cleared up and flaked off. Poof. GONE. Click To Tweet

We’ve got a dog where I live that has a bunch of moles and such and he had one on his belly that was looking pretty angry so we treated it with Frankincense oil and it too, started to break up. 

There are some skin issues that clearly need to be looked at by your doctor, but as a first line of defense, I’m all over this stuff. I just got another bottle of Frankincense from someone who sells Young Living essential oils because I’ve been told this particular brand is the best.  The 1/2 oz. bottle was $80. Considering what a doctor’s visit would cost me in time, money and potentially a prescription, I’m all over this shit.  It lasts a long time.

My first line of defense is always nature first.  That said, do NOT let any questionable skin issues go on too long without noticeable change.  too long.  They are talking to you.  Listen to your body.

Please share this information with anyone you know who might need it.

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