Food Prep Tips #2
Food Prep Tips #2
Food Prep Tips #2

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Food Prep Tips #2 – a/k/a TV Prep Tips


People tell me all the time — ALL THE TIME — that they don’t have time to prep and cook their own food. Since many of us sit in front of the TV on a pretty regular basis, here are some things you can do while viewing to make your work at meal preparation time less stressful. 

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I have a couple of large, lightweight stainless steel bowls that I work with.  One sits in my lap filled with whatever I’m working with. The other sits next to me for the finished product. 

Cilantro  Cilantro is a great liver detoxer. Picking the leaves individually from the stem leaves you with some pretty awesome ready to use flavoring.  Make sure the leaves are dry before you start so that when they are stored, you get maximum life from them.

Garlic – This aromatic vegetable is a great prebiotic and has tremendous anti-bacterial qualities.  If I have to clean it EVERY time I want to use it, I  don’t always include it in my dish.  Once peeled, it stores well in a glass jar in the fridge for weeks.

Kale – This is a good time for stem removal for those who prefer to have just the leaves when consuming kale.

Broccoli – Trim and cut it down into bite sized pieces

Asparagus – Snapping the woody ends off before cooking

What else can YOU think of that you could prep while you are relaxing in front of a screen?

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