Glass Jars are My Secret Obsession
Glass Jars are My Secret Obsession
Glass Jars are My Secret Obsession

Plastic is whack.

Convenient as all get out?  Yes.

Good for you?  Ah…..No!

Glass Jars Are My Secret Obsession

I haven’t completely eliminated plastics from my life, but I’m close.  After two glass accidents in my freezer, I’m sticking to ziplock bags for the few things that I actually freeze.  I have, however, greatly reduced my day to day use and have moved towards glass and stainless steel to replace it. Both are not only better choices for you from health perspective, but lawdy so much easier to clean and better for the planet, too.

In 2012 the FDA banned the use of BPA (bisphenol A) from being used in the manufacture of baby bottles and sippy cups.  Why?  “Safety concerns.”  Read:  this shit is BAD for you.

None of us should be having it, but kids and their developing bodies should especially avoid it. BPA mimics estrogen in the body and acts as a hormone disrupter thus contributing to a variety of health issues.  You and I both know the FDA doesn’t ban anything unless it thinks it is really bad.  But here’s the rub…reports indicate that the new bpa free plastics” ain’t so great  either.  Do yourself a favor and don’t buy them.

Also better for the environment, glass and stainless steel can last an exceptionally long time.  Both wash really well and if taken care of you’ll have them for a long time. Washing plastic  in your dishwasher or using it to microwave food compromises its quality and leaves you open to leaching chemicals into your food.  Hormone disruptors leached from plastic storage containers in to your foods are a huge problem for autoimmune patients.  We are fighting enough without having to fight that one, too.

glass jars

Here are some tips for reducing your BPA exposure

  • If you must buy canned foods, BPA is used in the lining of many canned products.  To be sure that they are BPA free cans, you can find a list of who is (and isn’t) BPA free on the Environment Working Group website
  • Replace  your plastics storage containers with glass and stainless steel.
  • Avoid plastics with the #7 in the triangle on the bottom of the package.
  • I you choose to purchase food in plastic containers,  AVOID 3, 6 & 7 in the recycle triangle on the packaging. Safer choices are 1, 2, 4 & 5
  • Please, please, please don’t ever re-heat food in the microwave in plastic as heating it leaches chemicals into your food.
  • Become a glass jar ho

glass jarsYou read that correctly, a glass jar ho.

I’m a glass jar ho.  There.  I said it.

I re-use glass jars for tons of things.

I hate all of the glass that’s thrown into the garbage. Hate it.  And, many municipalities are still not recycling it. Building up my supply of glass jars was tough because I don’t buy a lot of prepared foods.  I remedy that problem by asking friends to save jars for me.

glass jars

Tips for Building Your Supply & Using Glass Jars

  • Like me, ask friends to save them for you.
  • Soak jars with labels in warm soapy water.
  • Keep a few straight edge razors under your kitchen sink to help removed stubborn labels.
  • If you use the razor, be sure to stabilize the (round) jar on a towel before starting to scrape at labels.
  • Stainless steel pads are great for removing any lingering glue
  • Wide mouth jars are a snap to clean and allow you to fit larger items more easily.
  • Save your old glass herb jars and refill them by buying bulk herbs at your favorite health food store.  It is MUCH more economical and better for the environment.
  • Giving gifts of food in free glass jars means not worrying about getting your Tupperware back.

glass jarsLike anything you use with great frequency, you’ll discover favorites.  Me?  I love what I call the “salsa jar”.  It holds 2 cups and stores well in my small cooler.  I use it for packing meals of quinoa salad, chia pudding, fresh cut up fruit, you name it.  It a great, great size.  This one pictured I’ve been schlepping for years. I have three of them and bought some bulk items in them at a farmer’s market in Coconut Grove, Florida.  How pathetic am I that I can tell you where I got that jar from? LMAO!!

The salsa jar is  also great for storing that leftover half an onion you didn’t use tonight  when preparing dinner.  The wide mouth makes it easy to get the onion in, It keeps the fridge from getting stinky and cleans up in a snap.

Remember, all of your seemingly small successes add up to bigger ones. Slowly integrating better choices is just fine, you don’t have to do it all at once.  Start accumulating some jars.  It’s  a great way to start getting away from the harmful chemicals found in plastics.

There are a million ways to use them in other areas of the home, besides the kitchen.  Get creative.  Re-use and recycle.

Get your glass on!

Please share this information with anyone you think might benefit from it.

I am also a glass jar ho. I love glass jars. They are better than using plastic. And honestly, they last longer.


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