Hashimotos and Thyroid Testing
Hashimotos and Thyroid Testing
Hashimotos and Thyroid Testing

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Because I have the autoimmune version of hypothyroidism called Hashimoto’s, thyroid testing is at the forefront of proper diagnosis. I know from my years of research and experience, that autoimmune thyroid diseases are grossly under-diagnosed creating a myriad of health related issues for a lot of people. Women are affected more than men by an 8:1 ratio, no joke.

The thyroid is the gas pedal of the body. If it is running slow (hypo-thyroid) or fast (hyper-thyroid) it sends a signal out to every organ in the body reflecting either a fast or slow message. Over time, if your thyroid disease is not properly diagnosed or treated, your body parts continue to get improper signals and eventually shit starts to breakdown.

It is believed that one of the main causes for the increase in heart disease in women is undiagnosed or improperly diagnosed thyroid conditions. If you send a bad signal to the heart for years on end, something is going to break, no? 

One of the most common heart conditions showing up in women and frequently tied to hypothyroidism is mitral valve prolapse. Another is afib (atrial fibrillation). Do you know someone who has one or the other. Do they have thyroid issues?

Hashimotos and Thyroid Testing

Many seemingly unrelated health issues can oftentimes be traced back to crappy (or no) thyroid diagnosis. People tell me all the time they have had their thyroid tested and their doctor says it’s fine. Brace yourself. The testing paradigm has shifted and your doctor is not likely doing the appropriate tests to get a good, clear picture of what’s happening with your thyroid. Most doctors test TSH only. There are 6 tests that should be done (at minimum). Here’s the list screenshot from Isabella Wentz’s website. She’s a well known thyroid expert and excellent resource for info.

Antibody testing is done to determine if you have autoimmune thyroid diseases (Hashimotos or Graves). A functional medicine doctor is your best bet to get a proper diagnosis because traditional medicine is failing horribly with thyroid testing. If you do have an autoimmune thyroid disease, in order to improve your symptoms you have to treat the autoimmune disease, not just the thyroid. This is where the big mistake is frequently made — properly diagnosing the autoimmune disease. Very frustrating.

The testing paradigm has shifted and your doctor is not likely doing the appropriate tests to get a good, clear picture of what's happening with your thyroid. Click To Tweet

I am also recommending a documentary film by my friend, Maggie Hadleigh-West, called Sick to Death. It will get you up to speed on what you need to know.

Your thyroid heath is serious business. SERIOUS BUSINESS. It’s tied to the health of every system in the body. Please be sure to get yours tested appropriately.

Thanks for letting me educate you on this. It’s a huge part of my life and could be a huge part of yours as well.

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