Healthy Ice Cream
Healthy Ice Cream
Healthy Ice Cream

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When “healthy” ice cream isn’t so healthy. 

Just because it’s dairy free doesn’t make it good.

I won’t lie. I hemmed and hawed a bit about this subject but after a long discussion with a trusted friend I have decided to share this very personal story. I’m still mind blown from this, really I am.

The roller coast of life has left me very challenged these last few weeks. My whys are undoubtedly different than yours, but nonetheless I’ve been up to my eyeballs in a ton of shit. It will pass, but it reached a pretty terrifying peak this week and I dealt with it all by consuming a pint of compliant (paleo) ice cream. A seemingly innocuous event, right?

Oh hell, no. Brace yourself.

First of all, it wasn’t dairy based! If it was I’d still be sick, lol. It was made from “cashew milk” my favorite dairy-free alternative. It’s a brand I know and buy very infrequently and the flavor I usually get wasn’t available on this particular day. Junk food isn’t part of my regular routine so I decided to just find another pick. I looked at the ingredients to make sure it was dairy and gluten free, but did not look beyond that.

I hesitated on this particular choice because it was called “snickerdoodle” which is a well known and loved traditional sugar cookie. I surmised the sugar was going to be plentiful but I didn’t check the nutritional information part of the label for quantities. I shuffled to the register, paid and dove in.

Okay first, it was really sweet but it didn’t stop me from eating it. LOL. I ate the whole pint. All. Of. It. Afterwards I thought to myself, “Oh dear…this is NOT going to play out well for me. No ma’am.” This was a gross under estimation on my part.

I was fine for the rest of the night but I literally woke up the next day crying. That is not an exaggeration. I opened my eyes, stretched and fell into a full on balling session. It lasted for about 3 hours. I knew EXACTLY what it was. SUGAR crash.

It’s happed to me only a handful of times but it didn’t take long for me to remember the experience. This particular session was a game changer for me. It was exactly what I needed (a ton of pain) to leverage some change. By lunchtime I was consuming chicken salad made with avocado and lime juice along with some sliced apples. I had a smoothie in the afternoon and a salad for dinner.

The next day I was like new money. No more depression. No more funk. No more shit storm. Better food choices literally snapped me right out of “my funk”. I was like “Oh hell, no!!! This shit has GOT to stop.”

Tonight I went to the internet. I looked a the nutritional information on the packaging and what I saw terrified me. Let me tell you what I calculated.

The entire container that I ate in one sitting had 70 grams of ADDED sugar. 1 teaspoon of sugar = 4 grams. That means that when I ate it, I consumed 17.5 teaspoons of sugar. That’s about 1/3 cup of sugar…in one sitting.

Not for nothing, but are you still wondering if food has an effect on your depression and/or anxiety?

OMG, inflammation baby. INFLAMMATION.

Nutritional psychiatry is here to stay. I was introduced to it years ago  by  Dr. Kelly Brogan who wrote a great book called “A Mind of Your Own” (please hyperlink).  If you are struggling with depression, anxiety or any type of mental illness, I highly recommend you get your hands on this book as fast as you can.

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We all occasionally participate in some emotional eating. Foods a quick and easy state changer and we all know it. While this event was isolated, it was very powerful for me. I’m grateful that I’m able to have a one off incident like this and quickly make a better decision.  

Those of us who get stuck in emotional eating can really end up on the wrong side of things. The downward spiral can keep pulling you deeper into a funk.   Break the cycle. Have a salad. FEED your body. What you eat matters….always.

Change is a constant state of detect and correct. I’m blessed to have the knowledge to understand where the crash and burn came from. You can’t change what you don’t know needs changing.  Just sayin’….

Is the food you are eating affecting your brain?  If so, be sure to click through to download my FREE Inflammation Calculator and see where your cognition is today…right now.

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