I’m Not Your Guru
I’m Not Your Guru
I’m Not Your Guru

I'm not your guru

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Tony Robbin is a little like cilantro.

No one kinda likes it/him.  You either love it or you don’t.

I happen to like his methodology, but before you quickly  assess that I am bat shit crazy because I like him, hear me out for a minute, please.

Noted filmmaker, Joe Berlinger, released a new move a few weeks ago called I’m Not Your Guru. It tells a story of “Date with Destiny,” a week-long event Tony Robbins holds several times a year in locations around the globe.

Having done a weekend program with Robbins called Unleash the Power Within (UPW), I know this film accurately depicts what the room is like when he teaches. And yes, I personally know very few people who could handle a few days with Tony.  Actually, I attended alone because I did not want any of my growth potential to be inhibited by what my travel companion thought about MY experience during the course of the program.  Tony Robbins will tell you himself, he is NOT for everyone.

But just because HE might not be for you, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the overall message isn’t for you.

What it could mean is that while you might be ready to hear the message, this particular messenger is not for you.

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Here Me Out a Minute

There is not a ton of new information floating around in cyber world waiting for us to consume it.  There is, however, a ton of regurgitated info that many folks have put their own twist on in hopes of connecting with people who are seeking their type of help.

One of the things that I admire about Tony Robbins is that he openly admits that he studied hundreds of people and read hundreds of books in order to learn how to do what he does.  He cherry picked what was good and created his own program.  He calls it modeling.

So Yeah, Not New; Right?

I am much like Tony in that I have used education and modeling to create my own methodology.  I have read, researched, taken courses and classes, seen many doctors and decided what does and does not resonate with me.  I have noted good results and now I’m sharing my knowledge with those who seek help.

I am not alone. There are many of us on line helping others find the results they seek.  Nothing about us is traditional.  We are outliers.  Unlike many doctors, we are interested in new science, new studies and new methodologies for treating autoimmune disease, metabolic syndrome and other health related issues.  It is estimated that it takes 17 years for traditional medicine to implement new science.  17 years to get everyone up to speed and on the same page.  My community doesn’t have that kind of time.

I know that there are people out there who are searching for the same information I was searching for when I knew I needed to change my life.  They need help getting to a better place in their life and they’d prefer to hear what they need to hear from someone they can relate to.

They KNOW their food is messed up.  They KNOW they have got to change what they are thinking and what they are doing if they have any hope of improving their circumstances.  They are looking to connect with someone who has the information they need but more importantly, they are seeking someone they can HEAR the information from.

I am NOT for everyone – CLEARLY.  And guess what?  I don’t WANT TO BE for everyone.  I am here for those who want to hear the information from ME.

Ultimately we are all trying to get to a similar place, no?

  • We all want to FEEL better.
  • We all want to have more energy, be less lethargic.
  • We want to have a clear head.
  • We don’t want to be overweight in our older years.
  • We want to stop the aging clock, or at least slow the bitch down.
  • We want more joy.
  • We want more love.
  • We want to FEEL good.

If we all strive to have such a similar experience, why do we laugh and frequently make fun of those who want to guide us to our destination?  Why do we criticize them and stick our fingers in their eyes?

Because we don’t want to be disappointed again, that’s why.

Too many of us give up too quickly and too easily.  I remember years ago I had a friend who clearly needed to speak with a professional, a therapist, a LSCW…anyone.  She tried one and didn’t like the doctor and decided the concept as a whole wasn’t for her.

Ummmm, what?

You tried one person and didn’t like it so you’re done?  I call bullshit.

That’s resistance, plain and simple.

If you are seeking help, advice, guidance and don’t connect immediately with a source to help you, don’t give up.

Finding a good source of help and support is a lot like a box of chocolates that comes without a map. If you bite into one and it’s crappy what do you do?  You spit it out and dive in again looking for a good one. Keep diving for the caramel or chocolate covered cherry.  They are in there…promise.

We ALL throw the towel in too quickly in too many areas of our life that don’t always work out the way we had hoped.



Financial goals

Blah, blah, blah.

“Oh I tried that a few times and it sucked so I’m just going to give up.”

So here’s the question I pose to you.

Are you avoiding the message because you don’t like the messenger or is it the message that scares the bejeezus out of you?

You’ll hear me say this a thousand more times…

Pain…it’s a great motivator.  Have you reached your emotional or physical threshold for pain yet?  If not, what’s it going to take to get your attention?

You might want to consider a new messenger because the message is there….it’s waiting for you.

Are you ready to listen?

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Janice Bailey says:

I watched your freezing avocodos video and I’m intrigues. Are you able to make quacamole with frozen ones? I love quac and would love to be able to eat it more often.

Janice the simple answer is yes, you can. If you add other things to your guacamole, like onion, cilantro, tomatoes, chili and lime juice it will be fine. It does lose some of it’s flavor when frozen and can discolor during the defrost process if you don’t add citrus to it when it comes out of the freezer. If you are expecting them to be the full bodied avocados they are before they go in the freezer, you will be disappointed when they defrost. These are really, ideally best for use frozen or as I like to say, as a schmeer on a sandwich instead of mayo.


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