Have you been trying for years to get a handle on your inflammation without success?
Have you been trying for years to get a handle on your inflammation without success?
We’re going to eat the rainbow

Have you struggled to get on and stay on an anti-inflammatory elimination diet?

Got an autoimmune disease or any other chronic illness?

Are you:

  • forgetful?
  • exhausted?
  • achy?
  • sleeping poorly?

Do you have?

  • brain fog?
  • migraines?
  • weight issues?
  • depression?
  • anxiety?

Here is what I know for sure.

When your body is chock full of inflammation, it affects your brain.

Just because you can’t see it, touch it or smell it doesn’t mean it’s not there. 

Until you can get your head straight, nothing….and I mean nothing….is going to get any easier. 

“The power of your presence is the dynamic that inspired me to continue on and follow the protocol. I don’t know if you fully realize what a magnificent teacher you are. You are inspiring and full of knowledge. You back up your teachings with articles and talks by experts which gives you authenticity. Your enthusiasm is a driving force which spurs me on to stick to the program!! I will definitely be checking in with the next class!! I have never felt better!!”

–Hazell B, New Orleans

When you are bogged down by brain fog, forgetfulness, depression and anxiety (all outcroppings of inflammation) choosing the next best step on your journey is nearly impossible.

The quickest way to slay that inflammation? 

Remove the foods that create an inflammatory response in your body. 

Once you reduce the massive amount of inflammation that is coming from your food choices, then — and only then — can you feel confident about making the best next step on your healing journey.

My name is Jodi Brown and I have an inflammatory autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s. 

Due to a multitude of crazy contributing factors it took me more than a decade to get diagnosed, find effective non-invasive (non-pharma) treatments and subsequently put my disease into remission.  Through sheer tenacity, I managed to reverse the symptoms of my disease without the harmful long-term effects of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.

10 years!!!

No one should ever have to struggle that long or hard to get theinformation they need to get well.


“Jodi, you knocked the program out of the park! Your knowledge on this topic is obvious…you have slayed the inflammation dragon in your own life and developed this program to assist others in doing the same. I liked the videos you included with esteemed health professionals. The program started slowly and built momentum. Your cooking videos and professional chef tips are worth gold. “

–Roxanne Fleszar, Sante Fe, NM

Before I was able to successfully reverse my disease, it disrupted my day to day life in ways I never anticipated.

Before & After

Overwhelmed, exhausted, sick and feeling very alone in my illness, trying to act as my own doctor and nutritionist made me want to stick a gun in my mouth.

But the universe wasn’t done with me yet. No ma’am.

The final insult for me was medical induced bankruptcy.

Don’t let this be YOUR fate, too.

Let me help you organize your food nightmare so you can get on to the business of healing.

I have a well established reputation for being a no BS, tell-it-like-it-is sort of gal.  I am now,  and always will be, completely empathetic to your plight.  If you choose to work with me you need to know this up front: 

I may not tell you what you want to hear, but I’ll always tell you what you need to hear. 

“Jodi is smart, funny, and passionate about sharing this information. The course is informative and extensive. Jodi gives tremendous support during and after the class. The steps that I have taken since I began my journey with Jodi have been life changing! She is the real deal, and her enthusiasm is infectious.”

— Gillian Henner, San Diego, CA

Sassy Fact #1:

What you are eating is not just messing with your body, but it is really messing with your brain, too.

It is impossible to make good decisions about your next right move when you physically and emotionally feel like the bottom of a shoe.

We are learning more and more about the brain/gut connection and let me tell you it is some fascinating science. The vagus nerve is the information superhighway that connects the gut and the brain. When the gut is a mess, it sends a signal to the brain and vice versa.

When you hear stories about people who cleaned up their diet and their brain fog disappeared, that’s all about the vagus nerve.

Let Me Show YOU!

Food induced inflammation affects things you can feel like:

  • muscle and joint pain
  • reflux and digestion issues
  • skin rashes
  • tingling in your extremities
  • numbness

It also affects things that you feel differently like:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • fear
  • overwhelm
  • stress
  • adrenal fatigue

In a nutshell, cleaning up your gut will help to clean up your brain, too.

“Because cooking is second nature to you — you really underestimate how helpful all your cooking, prepping and storing tips are. I’m telling you — that’s your niche’. Nobody else is doing what you’re doing.”
–Teresa H., Pensacola, FL

Sassy Fact #2:

When you change what you eat, your whole life changes. 

All. Of. It.

I was ill prepared for how MY DISEASE, MY HEALTH, and MY PROBLEMS were going to play out for the people around me.  Lawd have mercy!

When you change to a new food lifestyle, you are going to encounter a variety of responses from your loved ones that will blow your mind and potentially overwhelm your spirit. 

Green smoothies leave green mustaches.

Trust me when I tell you that you will need support! You’ll be shocked to discover how your journey is going to affect others folks. SHOCKED I tell you. 

Being part of an intimate group of like-minded and supportive women will make a huge difference to your ongoing success.

I know exactly what it feels like to be you!

“I’ve known I needed to make some changes in my diet for a long time, but I just wasn’t doing it. It just felt too difficult, too overwhelming. The Inflammation Slayers program took away all of the overwhelm because it GENTLY laid out not only what I needed to do, but how I could do it most efficiently. In this program, I also wasn’t doing it alone. Having a system laid out that made it easy, plus Jodie’s support and the support of the rest of the program participants made such a HUGE difference to me. Plus, because Jodie is also a professional chef, she taught us both how to make it easy AND how to make it GOOD. With an elimination diet, I was afraid I would never eat a really delicious, satisfying meal again. Not so. I’d be lying if I said there weren’t things I missed, but I’m still eating really good food, and that makes it so much easier.”

— Madeleine Craig, Minnesota

I’ve been:

  • gaslighted
  • distrusted
  • dismissed as crazy
  • told I was a hypochondriac
  • diagnosed as depressed
  • tossed into the mid-life menopause sick bucket due to ignorance

I know how bad it is to be where you are right now and I am so excited to be able to help you by sharing what I did to set myself up for success.   

Pain and discomfort is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong.  Your symptoms are intended to generate enough discomfort so that you’ll use your pain as leverage to institute change. That means getting to to the root cause of the problem and fixing it. 

What your body does not want you to do is “shut up its cries for help” — with a drug that quiets your symptoms but does nothing to fix the problem.

Ready to get your healing jumpstarted?  

One of My New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Cooking Demos

In order to reverse my Hashimoto’s, I followed the AIP (autoimmune protocol) diet.  Remember, I’m a professional chef and a professional organizer and still it was hella hard to organize and implement the diet.

Was it effective? Yes, but it nearly killed me in the process. So many times I just wanted to give up.

Over the last few years I’ve worked tirelessly to develop a program to make eliminating inflammation through dietary changes more approachable for ladies like you. 

It’s exhausting to try and figure all this stuff out when you feel so crappy, right?

The Inflammation Slayer Elimination Diet is your solution to wrangling your dietary inflammation.

Not sure this is a good fit for you?

autoimmune retreat
Satisfying & Easy Salads

Sassy Fact #3

Inflammation is the big DISTRACTOR.

Inflammation prevents your body from giving it’s full attention to your healing.  If your body is in a state of constant fight from an inflammation-inducing diet,  it is never going to get to the point where it has the time or energy to heal. 

That’s a fact.

Your immune system prioritizes events that trigger inflammation. 

Got a cut on your finger? It’s all hands on deck while the body sends your friend, Mrs. Acute inflammation, to fight potential infection and pathogens. 

You’ve seen it, right?  That puffy (inflamed) pink situation that happens around your cut.  That’s acute inflammation healing your wound.  When the cut is healed the inflammation disappears, right?

When you suffer from chronic internal inflammation (invisible to the eye)  you distract the body from performing health inducing functions by keeping it in a constant state of inflammatory “fight.”

Remember, the immune system prioritizes emergencies brought on my an inflammatory response in the body.  When you keep eating inflammatory foods you are literally pouring gasoline onto a raging fire.  You fueling a huge destructive fire. 

Do you want to keep using all of your body’s energy to fight inflammation, or do you want to start using that energy to heal your body?

Are there other factors besides food that create inflammation?  Sure, but food is easiest and quickest to tackle first.  You’ve got to eat to live so why not start with something you can’t live without — food.

Inflammation Slayer
Anti-oxidant Rich Healing Foods

Are you ready to feel better?

Who is this program for?

Any Woman who…

  • struggles with one or more autoimmune disease(s) and doesn’t want to fire up any new ones (once you have one autoimmune disease, the likelihood you’ll develop more is great unless you reduce your inflammation and heal your gut);
  • suffers from any chronic illness
  • suffers with any inflammatory disease;
  • has tried to get on and stay on an inflammation elimination diet in the past and failed;
  • isn’t feeling understood by her friends, family or employer as she tried to improve her health;
  • has an inflammatory disease but doesn’t have the time to self-educate on what she needs to do with her food;
  • wants to be spoon fed the necessary steps to get a handle on righting her wrong diet; and
  • is sick and tired of feeling sick and tired from the outcroppings of inflammation.

This isn’t a short time diet, this is a long term life change.

The course is delivered over an 8 week period. You’ll have access forever.

The support group is forever.

Anti-inflammatory & healing bone broth

What can she expect from my Inflammation Slaying Elimination Diet?

  • More time.  The less time you spend on the internet trying to figure out your diet, the more time you have to focus on you and your healing. I’ve done all the hard work, let me guide you through the process of getting your food situation wrangled;
  • A complete program and all associated materials; 
  • Cooking & food prep videos;
  • My support, experience and wisdom;
  • Skilled coaching on a modest budget;
  • Camaraderie and support. There will be a private Facebook group set up to make it easier to share and build relationships. Dealing with health issues like these can be very isolating. Having a safe place for support, caring and encouragement will make a big difference. You’ll meet and connect with other women and will walk hand in hand towards an improved health outcome;
  • Weekly live Q & As;
  • Lifetime access;
  • Emails and reminders;
  • BONUS – 4 week meal plan/shopping lists/preparation & cooking guide; and
  • Lots and lots of love!!!

“Good News! I had a colonoscopy and the ulcerative colitis is gone!! Doctor was amazed. “

–Gillian Henner, San Diego


  1. Can you help me lose weight? Yes.  While not billed as a weight loss program, you will lose weight if you follow it. Lots of weight. When I went full throttle I had trouble keeping my weight UP for the very first time in my life.  Just so I don’t sound like a snake oil saleswoman, you may not achieve the same results, but I see lots of folks who do. Processed foods are swelling us up.
  2. Can you help me with my pre-diabetes?  I have 3 months to improve my numbers will this work?  Absolutely. If you do the work, it will work for you.  Remember, I’m just the teacher.  You need to step up and do the actual work. 
  3. Is this the AIP diet?  In a nutshell, yes.  For those of you who know what AIP is that’s exactly what I’m teach.  For those of you new to the term, AIP stands for autoimmune protocol and it will benefit anyone with any inflammatory disease.
  4. Are there weekly meal plans?  Not per se but you will learn how to put your own meal plan together with my forms and videos to teach you how to use them.  Easy peasy
  5. But you said your program includes a 4 week meal plan/shopping list/cooking guide.  It does include a 4 week plan and I won’t lie — it’s pretty darn brilliant if I do say so myself. But I don’t give it to you until later in the program.  You can use mine or do your own, but I’m going to teach you how to do this yourself, first. I’m not going to be around to hand hold you thorough the process every week.  There won’t, however, be a weekly meal plan.  That’s not how I’ve designed this course.  You’ll be shocked at how easy it will all be.
  6. Will there be recipes?  A few.  Again, I’m a little unconventional in my teaching.  I will include a small recipe book for those who need guidance, but I think recipes jam folks up.  Too many ingredients, too much measuring, too many guidelines.  You’ll see, I’ve got some great tricks up my sleeve.
  7. How is the content delivered?  You’ll log onto a website where I host the entire course. Each week you be able to access an educational module along with supporting documents and educational tools.  Once a week we’ll do a live Zoom group meeting (Q & A). I also share info and content on the closed Facebook Page
  8. I’m nervous about sharing my info?  Is it safe?  This question is pertinent to the Facebook group.  I think the group support is the most important part of this.  Having a place to go to share with others struggling with the same issues, is key to your success.  The only people in the group are the people who signed up for the course. 
  9. Are there instructional cooking videos?  Yes. Quite a few of them.
  10. How long do I have access to the program? As long as I host it on the platform, you have access.  Everyone wants to hear that they’ll have it for “life” and they might, but trust me, that’s not reality.  At the very minimum, a year. You’ll have plenty of time to review it when needed.  Remember, this is a process.  You are creating a new lifestyle, not on a short term diet.  The program and the group will be there for you to revisit as long as you need it.

This is an 8 Week course
over a 9 week period (1 week off)
September 9 – November 18

We’ll meet once a week as a live group via ZOOM (calls will be recorded for those who can’t make it) and the rest of our communication will be done via emails and our closed Facebook Support Group.

Are you are ready to change your life for the better?

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