Is inflammation kicking you in the ass?

Is it time for you to consider AIP or PALEO?

My Inflammation Slayer Program will support you through the entire process.

Inflammation is sweeping the world!
It is causing aches, pains, brain fog, excess weight, depression, anxiety, GI issues, and exhaustion…just to name a few.
Are you one of the many sufferers?

If you have an autoimmune disease, metabolic disease or a chronic illness you are suffering from inflammation!

If so, here’s what your doctors are not telling you.

Inflammation slayer

Food induced inflammation causes:

Acid Reflux
Digestion issues
Extreme fatigue
Muscle & joint pain
Depression and/or anxiety
Weight gain
Skin rashes
Adrenal fatigue

…and that’s just for starters.

Before I was properly diagnosed (which BTW took for-freaking-ever), I felt completely and utterly defeated. Eventually my emotions got the best of me and my decline became more swift.

I struggled with:

Self doubt

Overwhelming sadness
Fear about my future
Anxiety (I never had anxiety before)

It took me 11 doctors and 8 years to get a correct diagnosis – Hashimoto’s.
Does that sound familiar to you?
Are you still not properly diagnosed?

Prior to diagnosis, I was a hot freaking mess. I was constantly gaslighted & no one was listening to me.

Inflammation slayer

Here is what I have come to know for sure:

When your body is chock full of inflammation, it affects your brain.

— Just because you can’t see it, touch it or smell it doesn’t mean inflammation is not present. 

— When you are bogged down by brain fog, forgetfulness, depression and anxiety (the most common outcroppings of inflammation), choosing the next best step on your journey is nearly impossible.

The quickest way to slay that inflammation? 

Remove the foods that create an inflammatory response in your body. 

I’d like to show you how do that with greater ease.
I have a system to help you organize your way through change.
Grab my hand and let’s go!


My name is Jodi Brown and I have an inflammatory autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s and it nearly killed me.

It took me more than a decade to get diagnosed, find an effective non-invasive (non-pharma) treatment and subsequently get on the path to improving my health. 

Through sheer tenacity and due diligence I managed to reverse all the symptoms of my disease without the harmful long-term effects of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.

Research, research, and more research led me a solution I was willing to try in order to remedy my health. FOOD!

Overwhelmed, exhausted, sick, feeling very alone in my illness, and having to act as my own doctor/nutritionist angered me to no end. I spent a ton of time doing research and finding my own answers because the medical industrial complex was failing me at every turn.

But the universe wasn’t done with me yet. No ma’am. I was dealt the most demoralizing blow ever.

Medical induced bankruptcy. YUP!
Don’t let this be your fate, too.

Let me teach you how to change your food and lifestyle so you can focus on healing.

I have a well established reputation for being a no BS, tell-it-like-it-is, kind of gal.  I am now,  and always will be, completely empathetic to your plight. 

I get it. I was where you are!

However, if you choose to work with me you need to know this up front: 

I may not tell you what you want to hear, but I’ll always tell you what you need to hear and sometimes that feels icky. However, the real deal is this…it is completely unavoidable.

When you change what you eat, your whole life changes. 

All. Of. It.

I was ill prepared for how my disease, my health and my problems were going to play out for me and the people around me. 

As your health improves, you are going to encounter a variety of responses from your loved ones that will blow your mind and potentially overwhelm your spirit. 

I know how it feels to be where you are right now and I am so excited to be able to help you by teaching you what I did to set myself up for success.   

inflammation slayer

Are you ready to feel better?

Chef Jodi in the Kitchen

The Inflammation Slayer Program is your solution to wrangling your dietary inflammation.

What’s included in my Inflammation Slayer Program?


I’m a professional chef with decades of experience and killer organizational skills.

In my Inflammation Slayer program I’m going to teach you how to be a chef. You are not going to be following a bunch of recipes. No ma’am. You, friend, are going to learn how to create your own recipes with ease and speed.

Inflammation slayer

In addition to me and my skills you’ll also get…

Inflammation Slayer PROGRAM

Yes, you read that correctly. LIFETIME access. Changing your life takes time and I want to be here to help you during that journey. You can move through the course at your own pace, supported by me and your fellow slayers.



But wait, there’s more…

Live Group Classes on Monday Night

Every Monday night starting on January 6, 2020 we’ll have a live class/community call via Zoom.
Twice a month, we’ll have guest speakers similar to those we had this year who are highlighted below.

If for some reason you cannot attend the class live, an audio recording for you to listen to at a later date will be posted to inside the program.

inflammation slayer
inflammation slayer

Healing is a multi-layered process. It’s not just your food that matters. No ma’am.

Through our top notch and educated guests you will learn how these factors affect your health:

° Personal care products – soaps, lotions, etc.
° Environmental factors – chemicals, mold, EMFs, etc.
° Stress
° Lifestyle
° Relationships

Food is my zone of genius, I’m going to let professional like the ones listed above introduce you to their area of genius.

Inflammation slayer


The Inflammation Slayer Program is a slightly modified Paleo diet oftentimes referred to as the AIP or Paleo AIP diet (AIP = autoimmune protocol). It’s an elimination diet originally designed to help autoimmune patients but has been found to help anyone with inflammatory issues, chronic disease, metabolic disease and food sensitivities.

Don’t let the word elimination scare you, you are going to have to remove some foods in order to get better. It’s unavoidable.

But before I ask you to remove any food, I’m going to teach you how to add some first. You’ll be shocked at what ADDING food does at the beginning. Everyone loves this part.

The diet was designed to remove highly inflammatory foods for an extended period of time (what that timeframe is for you depends on how sick you are) creating an opportunity to heal the gut and rebuild your gut microbiome so that your body can get back to doing what it wants to do, repair and regenerate cells.

What does that mean to the average consumer? It means that you ‘re going to have to cut out all of your grain rich processed foods for an extended period of time. That friends, is a challenge for most folks. It was even a challenge for me and I’m a professional chef.

This is why I decided to build my program.
I KNEW there were thousands of others out there who needed my help.

I knew if I was struggling as a food service professional, there were lots of other folks doomed if I didn’t find some way to help them get through the healing process. It can be overwhelming to try and drastically change your food lifestyle but for many of us, there is no other choice. You just need to take the bull by the horns.

But where does someone even start this process?

Many people who come to me are not only feeling horrible and have been for a very long time, they also don’t have a lot of cooking skills. Our modern culture has us eating on the run and not wanting to spend our time cooking food when it’s so easy to just “grab something on the go.”

Unfortunately all the “grabbing and going” is one of the main reasons we’re all so sick. Too many highly processed chemically laden foods!


• You’ll get a full list of the nutrient-dense foods you’ll need to feed yourself in order to repair and rejuvenate your body.

• You’ll get educational videos that will teach you the why behind all of the food choices you are making. Nutrition, physiology, elimination, gluten, dairy, zonulin, supplements, functional medicine — it’s all there. Fully understanding the science behind your changing food choices is pivotal to your success.

• You’ll be introduced to a few experts in the field that are going to blow your mind and make your transition so much more fulfilling. Knowledge is power.

• You’ll learn how to plan meals and organize your shopping and food preparation making your life and your ability to stay compliant, easier.

• You’ll learn how to cook like a chef. While I do include a very limited number of recipes in the program cookbook, recipes are not my jam. Anyone can follow recipes. You don’t need recipes you need someone to teach you how to create your own. You’ll be shocked at how easy it can be.

• You’ll get cooking charts and instructions on how to prepare animal proteins and vegetables like a rock star.

• You’ll learn the techniques and system behind batch cooking and how it’s a complete and total game changer for anyone wanting to stay on track with eating their own anti-inflammatory foods cooked from scratch.

• You’ll learn get a ton of cooking videos that walk you through the process of your prep day. Cooking from scratch requires some work. Let me show you how professional make it easy and organized to batch cook.

• You’ll get a bunch of videos with my professional tips and tricks to help you become your own successful chef.

• You’ll track your symptoms from start to finish quickly and easily.

• You’ll get shopping guidelines to help you maximize your time and money in the supermarket.

• You’ll learn how to organize your purchases when you get home for ease of use and reduced waste.

• You’ll get a handful of charts with cooking techniques and recipe building guidelines.

• You’ll get a list of my favorite kitchen tools and equipment to make your life easier.

• You’ll get my successful elimination pantry list.

• You’ll become the master of the green smoothie, nutrient packed salads and the most shocking breakfasts ever.

A quick reminder of what ELSE is included with all of the above program items:

• Guest teachers covering topics other than food that relate to your inflammation status.

• Live group class/community call on Monday with Q & A – recorded for those who are able to attend live.

• Private Facebook Group used as a place to support each other and share what’s happening in your journey.

• LIFETIME access to the program. Start and stop as needed. We are here to support you through the process of healing.

• Money back guarantee.

You are protected with my 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

I am confident that this course will completely shift you and your health outcome, but YOU have to do the work, I can’t do it for you.
If two weeks after you have purchased the program you decide that it is NOT for you, I’ll refund your money 100%.

Request for refund must be sent via email.

inflammation slayer

That’s some pretty incredible value, don’t you think?

inflammation slayer

But don’t let me try and convince you. Why not hear what some of my participants had to say about my program.

“Jodi is smart, funny and passionate about sharing this information.  The course is informative and extensive. Jodi gives tremendous support during and after the class. The steps that I have taken since I began my journey with Jodi have been life changing!  She is the real deal and her enthusiasm is infectious.” — Gillian Kelly, San Diego, CA

“Good news today.  I had a colonoscopy and the ulcerative colitis is gone!! Doctor was amazed.” — Gillian Kelly, San Diego, CA

“Lost around 10 pounds. Had regular blood work done. Cholesterol dropped 40 points. Other numbers dropped also.” — Linda, Pensacola

“Because Jodi is also a professional chef, she taught us both how to make it easy AND how to make it GOOD.  With an elimination diet, I was afraid I would never eat a really delicious, satisfying meal again.  Not so!!!”
— Madeleine Craig, Minnesota

“I didn’t have to figure out HOW I was going to organize myself in order to make these huge dietary changes.  I just had to execute…I didn’t have to figure out jack shit.” — Madeleine Craig, Minnesota

“Because cooking is second nature to you — you really underestimate how helpful all of your cooking, prepping and storing tips are.  I’m telling you — that’s your niche.  Nobody else is doing what you are doing.” — Teresa H., Pensacola, FL

“Jodi, you knocked the program out of the park.  Your cooking videos and professional chef tips are worth gold.” — Roxanne, Santa Fe

“One remarkable change:  I have gone for the last 5 weeks without and chronic fatigue!! This continuous energy has not been mine for decades.  I followed your teachings, understood the why behind them, and achieved my goal.” — Hazell B., New Orleans, LA

“The power of your presence is the dynamic that inspired me to continue on and follow the protocol.  I don’t know if you fully realize what a magnificent teacher you are.  You are inspiring and full of knowledge.” — Hazell B., New Orleans, LA

Inflammation slayer

Still not sure if this is a good fit for you?

This program is for you if…

You struggle with one or more autoimmune disease(s) and don’t want to fire up any new ones (once you have one autoimmune disease, the likelihood you’ll develop more is great unless you reduce your inflammation and heal your gut);

You suffer from any chronic illness;

You suffer with any inflammatory disease(s);

You have tried to get on and stay on an inflammation elimination diet in the past and failed;

You aren’t feeling understood by your friends, family or employer as you have tried to improve her health;

You have an inflammatory disease but don’t have the time to self-educate on what you need to do with your food;

You want to be hand-delivered the necessary steps to get a handle on righting your wrong diet; and

You are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired from the outcroppings of inflammation.

What can you expect from purchasing this course?

• More time.  The less time you spend on the internet trying to figure out how to implement the diet, the more time you have to focus on you and your healing. I’ve done all the hard work, let me guide you through the process of getting your food situation wrangled;

• Downloadable forms and educational content; 

• Educational and instructional videos;

• My support, experience, and wisdom;

• Skilled coaching on a modest budget;

• Camaraderie and support via our private Facebook group where we share and build relationships. Dealing with health issues like these can be very isolating. Having a safe place for support, caring and encouragement will make a big difference. Here you’ll meet and connect with other women and will walk hand in hand towards an improved health outcome;

• Twice a month live guest teachers and Q & As;

• Lifetime access to the program;

• Emails reminders;

• Lots and lots of love!!!

• You can also expect to do some work — FULL DISCLOSURE. I’m going to make it as efficient for you as possible, but be fully clear that this requires work from you to succeed.

That’s a lot of value, right?
But there’s even more…

inflammation slayer


Upwards of 80% of people who choose to participate in an elimination diet achieve their desired results if they implement what they discover long-term. For those who need to dig a little bit deeper, and don’t have the success that most of us have, I’ve developed two amazing tools that I’m including here as BONUS content. I want to be sure everyone gets what they need:

— Two-week elimination planner;

— Four-week elimination planner along with videos to explain each.

If you are one of those people who has to dig deeper for results, these two bonuses will be invaluable to you. I designed them. They are not available anywhere else.
Let’s hope you don’t ever have to use them.

Are you are ready to change your life for the better?

Grab my hand! Let’s do this!