Just Say NO!
Just Say NO!
Just Say NO!

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How is it possible that we are in November already?

November means the holidays (and all the freaking pressure that comes with them) are nipping at our heels.

The New Year is right around the corner.  More performance pressure to try again this year to  make it all right…sigh.

Obligation will be in full swing.

Parties filled with food and booze that don’t support the life we are trying to live will be mandatory.

People will be harassing you because you don’t EAT (or drink)  what everyone else is consuming.

Blech.  Yeah, I said that.  B-L-E-C-H.

You know what I think?  I think the better majority of folks that I know really dislike the upcoming holiday season.  So many of my contemporaries complain to me every year about how “this year, it’s going to be different. I’m not going to do what we’ve done in years past.”

Bullshit.  I call, bullshit.  It’s gonna happen again this year, too.  But if you pull out your “NO” stick and start swinging, maybe, just maybe this year will be the year that IS different for you. The more you say no, the easier it will be.

I think that if everyone could just just have a turkey sandwich, maybe some apple pie with a little ice cream on it and move on, we’d be more than satisfied.  I think most folks enjoy celebration and camaraderie with others, but not when it feels forced.  Not when it feels like an obligation.  That is the problem with these end of year holidays.

That big “O” word (and unfortunately I’m not talking orgasm”)…OBLIGATION… puts a big fat wet blanket on everything.

You know what we need in the coming months?  More of this…
Just Say No

I saw this image posted on my cousin’s Facebook Page and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I love little Johnny and looking at him laying half naked, basking in that dappled summer sun with a little snack in his hands looking like he doesn’t have a care in the world makes me green with envy.  Seriously.  Who here can honestly say they don’t need some of this?

What the hell are we doing to ourselves and how can we get more rest and relaxation for our mind, body and soul?

I completely understand that the thought of taking on another personal practice in an already hectic life seems just ridiculous.  I fought it all until recently.  What’s that practice?

Sitting quietly. Breathing deeply. Trying to empty my mind.  Being present.

I give it 15 minutes every morning and it has changed my life.

I’m so addicted to my new morning routine that I set my clock to be sure I get it.

Is a big organized event?  Hell no!  Like everything I do I start small.  I build on my tiny successes because I know for me if I go in whole hog and think I’m going to start meditating for 30 minutes it will happen…probably for like 3 days. Then it ALL will stop.  That’s not realistic for me (or most folks).

Just like green smoothies are the first step in developing your new overall healthy eating habits, so too is carving out 15 minutes every morning to get your day started EASILY….SLOWLY….wrapped in love and self-care.

There is a HUGE difference between easing in your morning and jumping out of bed at the last possible minute and RUNNING from the moment you get up until the very end of the day.  This method sets a horrible pace for you for the entire day.  Test it yourself.  Tell me that I’m wrong.Just Say No

Is my morning routine a complicated one?  Nah.

It’s a hot cup of coffee, brewed without being in a rush.

It’s a sit next to my tiny altar and vision board, next to an open second story window.

It’s hearing the first bird of the day chirp, and recognizing it for what it is.

It’s the time to daydream and think about where my life is going.

It’s a lit candle.

It’s a remembered story from my travels.

It’s slow and it’s quiet and it’s mine…all mine.

There is no real agenda other than to be quiet and try to empty my mind.

Focus on my breath.

The wind moving through the trees.

Yes, my practice has grown to accommodate what I want it to become but  I’m NOT giving you the details for that today.  All I want you to do is start creating the habit without the pressure of thinking about  growing it.

No breathing “exercise” only a suggestion that you pay attention to your breath.
No deep meditation
No structure prayer.
It’s just quiet.
It’s just easy.

It’s the best damn gift I have given to myself in years.

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Don’t let overwhelm or obligation run your world.   Take control back by learning to rest and refuel.  Take your power back by saying NO with greater frequency because YOUR needs matter.

Make time for you.

You’re worth it.

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