Meditation…My New Frontier
Meditation…My New Frontier
Meditation…My New Frontier

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Can it be THAT good?

Brace yourself.  I’m going to say it.


When it comes to meditation and yoga, I fall victim to what I talk about with great frequency.  I’ve been re-active rather than pro-active about adding these two very positive activities to my life.

I reached some pain points recently that required me to start seeking out new and healthier options for self-care.  Both have been areas I’ve always wanted to explore but somehow I could never find the time to get going with it (sound familiar??)  Truth be told, I tried meditation years ago and could not shut my damn brain off, not matter how hard I tried.  I used to suffer from a monkey mind, but I don’t any more. Well I do, but with far less frequency.

I can pretty much guarantee that for those of us with autoimmune disease, quieting the mind is the surprise game changer when it comes to your health.

Your stress is stopping you from healing, I guarantee!

So yeah, I fully admit I waited TOO LONG to get on board with both.  I am here today to urge you to consider meditation (and yoga, too).  Don’t wait as long as I did.  The older we get the more important it is for us to connect with our bodies and learn how to quiet our minds.  Healing starts from within.  No joke.

Elevated stress hormones from chronic stress really jack up the autoimmune patient.  Those hormones block important and necessary metabolic reactions that the body requires in order to heal.  What they also do is trigger the autoimmune system to shut down in an effort to conserve energy.

The constant call of stress hormones tells the body that there is an threatening situation coming soon, but it never really comes (fight or flight).  The body keeps anticipating it (because that’s what stress hormones are for – warning signals) and in an effort to conserve as much energy as possible for the fight or flight situation it’s waiting for, it shuts down all NON ESSENTIAL systems.  One of those systems it turns off is the autoimmune system. That friends, creates a cluster f#$k for the body.

Think about it.  When your immune system is shut down its kind of like leaving the front door to your house wide open when you leave for work.  Anyone and anything and walk right in and do whatever they want.  When your autoimmune system is shut down it means random bacteria, viruses and even cancer can walk right into your body and set up shop with little to no resistance.

You don’t want that, do you?

I have a great FREE resource for those of you who want to start meditating but are using time constraints as your excuse NOT to start.  I am finding great success with a local psychologist, author, yogi, musician and all around awesome dude, Dr. Michael DeMaria.  He has a Youtube channel and playlist for what he calls his 7 x 7 Meditation Challenge.   I am totally drinking his cool aide.  I only do two or three classes a month with him but they are powerful.  One is meditation, the other is yoga and I am getting tons out of both.

During this meditation challenge  he’ll guide you through  7 minutes of meditation for 7 days. Puh-lease don’t tell me you don’t have 7 minutes a day to meditate.  We both know that’s bullshit.  You can ( and hopefully will) start this new adventure like you start everything else…by chunking it out into doable portions until you build momentum and continue moving forward.  The guided aspect of this practice makes it uber easy.

And no, you will NOT be good at it immediately.  That’s why this 7 minute thing is great.  As adults we need immediate satisfaction in order to keep moving forward.  We’re silly like that.  If we don’t get it we toss the baby out with the bath water and stop.  But you can do 7 minutes of anything for as long as it takes to start getting good at it.  Trust me, these videos are easy and great.

There are tons of guided meditations for any style on Youtube.  Search guided meditations and the time from you want to do and tons will pop up for you. Find some you like and DO THEM.

Our current culture has us so freaking distracted it’s frightening.  We have our face buried in our phones while we are watching TV and talking to he person next to us.  We are driving while texting and eating our lunch.  Our poor mind needs a darn break.  Help it out, will you?

Do you want to reduce your stress?

Do you want less anxiety?

Do you want better focus?

Do you want better memory?

More compassion?

Get meditating.  It’s the easiest drug free way to grab them all.

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suzanne findeisen says:

thanks, Jodi, I am going to re-start my meditation practice and follow the 7×7 Meditation Challenge INTRO with Dr. Michael DeMaria. excited!

Re-start is a good word. Sometimes we are more ready to receive the info at a new time in our lives. I hope you find a good connection this time, Suzanne. Keep us posted.


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