My 5 Favorite Kitchen Tools
My 5 Favorite Kitchen Tools
My 5 Favorite Kitchen Tools

My 5 Favorite Kitchen Tools

This is my castle. Small. Mighty. VERY efficient.

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Because I am a culinary professional, people think I have this amazing kitchen full of great tools of the trade.  You might be surprised by how little I actually function with.  No joke.  I remember when I opened my restaurant years ago I was so excited to have an opportunity to buy all the kitchen toys I wanted AND be able to write it all off.  I bought tons of stuff then a LOT of it never got used and ultimately ended up at a yard sale.

Before I give you my list, I have a tip that comes from the organizer in me.  If you have one of those catch all draws chock full of “handy kitchen tools” you never use…it’s time to purge.  Grab a box and go to that draw.  Open it up.  Remove every single item out of the draw one item at a time.  If you haven’t USED it in 6 months, put it into the box.  Go through the entire draw.  Don’t think “oh I might use it one day, I’m going to leave it here…” NO.  If you need it you can retrieve it from the box at a later date.

Put the box full of things you aren’t using somewhere accessible (pantry, closet nearby, etc) but get it out of your general work area.  If you need an item you can retrieve it later.  If you don’t touch what is in the box for another 6 months, it’s time to get rid of what’s inside.  (yard sale, gifts, donate…you decide).

This method of organizing works with any area of your life.  Apply liberally where needed.

Got some stuff you use all the time?  Make them more readily accessible by keeping them close to the stove/work area in your kitchen.  And…if you don’t have a draw clogged with crap you are never using, it will make finding what you love, easier.

Keep in mind that when you are reading the list below, good knives are a given.  You’ve gotta have good knives.

Here Are My Top 5 Kitchen Tools

  • Vitamix – I won’t lie, I don’t do much these days with my Vitamix other than smoothies, but I drink a ton of smoothies and they are ALWAYS delicious because they are so smooth, creamy and NOT CHUNKY.  When I am in developing recipe mode, that changes (especially raw recipes). Thank you Vitamix.
  • Tongs – I have tons of tongs.  They act like tiny hands that you can put directly over heat or a direct flame.  Brilliant.
  • Stainless Steel Bowls – Stackable, indestructible, lightweight and easy to clean.  I can TRAVEL with these.
  • Fine Mesh Hand Strainer – I use this EVERY day.  It hangs from a hook next to my sink area.  I’m always giving something “a quick rinse”.  ALWAYS.
  • Salad Spinner – I eat a LOT of greens.  This help me make cleaning them easier.  It also doubles as an extra work bowl or strainer if used separately.  Make sure when you purchase, you buy one with a pour spout on the side.  It saves the step of opening, emptying water and spinning again.

You can find these and more of my favorite items on my AMAZON INFLUENCER PAGE.  

My 5 favorite kitchen tools

What are your favorite kitchen tools?

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