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Inflammation is sweeping the the world. Aches, pains, brain fog, excess weight, depression, anxiety, GI issues, exhaustion.. the symptoms are pervasive.

Food is one of greatest causes of inflammation and it is also the quickest way to remediate your symptoms.

Let me help you get a handle on how inflammation is affecting you.

The medical industrial complex is setting you up for a failure in terms of your health, your wealth and your overall physical and emotional well being. Don’t let your illness take you where mine took me.

On September 10, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. I sat in a basement courtroom of the U.S. District Court in Downtown Pensacola, Florida. Me, my attorney, and a handful of other sad souls patiently waiting for our cases to be heard by a BANKRUPTCY judge.

It was the most humiliating day of my adult life.

My autoimmune disease had officially driven me to medical induced bankruptcy.

I don’t want you or anyone you love to have to suffer the same fate as me.

The medical industrial complex is set up for you to
F-A-I-L !

Here is what your doctors aren’t telling you.

Food Induced Inflammation Causes:

Acid Reflux
Digestion issues
Extreme fatigue
Muscle & joint pain
Depression and/or anxiety
Weight gain
Skin rashes
Adrenal fatigue

…and that’s just for starters.

Before I was properly diagnosed (which took for-freaking-EVER) I felt completely and utterly defeated.

Everything started to snowball and it got really ugly really fast.

My emotions took off like wild fire.

Self doubt

Overwhelming sadness
Fear about my future
Anxiety (I never had anxiety before)

It took me 11 doctors & 8 years to get to a full on Hashimoto’s Diagnosis.

Sound familiar?
Are you still NOT properly diagnosed?

But before there was a Hashimoto’s diagnosis there was a leaky gut diagnosis and THAT was the game changer I was seeking.

Down the internet rabbit hole I dove searching LEAKY GUT and what I discovered changed everything.

Food was actually making me sick!!!

Are you kidding me?

Turns out it’s not just what you eat but what you think, too. Stress is not your friend when it comes to leaky gut. No ma’am.

I’m a SMART CHEF so what did I do first?
I figured this freaking food thing out, that’s what I did!

After a LOT of crying fits, screaming, yelling, and pan throwing (that only happened once, I promise) I managed to reverse all the symptoms I had been struggling with.


I don’t just feel your pain and frustration, I KNOW it first hand.
I’ve been there.

I can help you reverse your symptoms.

Or, you can continue on the “pharmaceuticals ain’t working path” until that finally becomes unbearable then you can come back and see me.

You DO want to feel whole again, right?
Regain your energy?
Maybe lose some weight?
Start to think more clearly?
Enjoy your grand kids
Live pain free?
Take fewer prescription drugs?

Here’s what I’ve got for you.

My Inflammation Slayer Elimination Diet & Group Coaching Program will hand hold you through the process of making this diet work.

This is an 8 week self-guided and fully supported program that meets once a week on a community call via Zoom.
I’m accessible via a closed Facebook group to all who join.

I’ll let you pick and choose from below whatever you think you need to read to help you make a decision about whether or not I’m the guide you seek.
Not for nothing but I’m pretty freaking awesome, just sayin’
I can really help you kick inflammation’s ass!

Still got questions?
Text me at 504-616-7171 and let’s set up a 15 minute call. You can ask me whatever you want and I’ll answer any questions I haven’t already answered here.

I want to HELP you achieve the same successes I did!

Beat the Medical Industrial Complex at their BS game.
They want you sick so you can keep the cash flowing their way.
I have a better idea.
Spend your hard earned $$$ on massages and pedicures