Organizing YOUR Food Spaces
Organizing YOUR Food Spaces
Organizing YOUR Food Spaces

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Organizing your food spaces when you are eating differently than everyone else in your house can be exhausting, but it’s important to do if you want to succeed with stick to the autoimmune protocol.

I realize that my life is different from many of my reader’s lives because I am single and childless.  Living alone has its perks, one of which is that I don’t have to be tempted on a daily basis with other people’s less than desirable food choices.  I have a TON of compassion for those who are living with people who are eating the standard American diet (SAD).  I feel for them, really I do.  I don’t always have the willpower necessary to do what I know is in my best interest at every turn so a big hug out to all of you who are doing it and succeeding.

When I have the desire to “cheat” on foods that aren’t ideal choices for me, it’s pretty easy for me to ignore because undesirable food choices aren’t available in my home.  If I have to leave the house to go get them I’ll likely grab an apple and be done with it.

Full disclosure:  When I do have a weak moment and I bring less than favorable foods into my house, they call to me (scream at me, actually) to eat them until they are gone.  Single serving sizes are best for me.

There is no “I’ll have a couple of scoops of ice cream for the next 4 days.”

No ma’am…it’s more like this…

organizing your food spaces

So how does one handle the challenge of being surrounded with “enemy foods” within the confines of their own home?

First and foremost communicating clearly with those you live with is key.  Make sure that they understand that what you are trying to do for yourself is about you, not them.  Don’t EVER criticize their choices.  Focus on your own.  Lead by example.  Tell them you want to be healthy so that you can be around long enough to watch them ____________________________ (insert huge heart tugging phrase here).

Don’t buy foods that are horrible for you (or your family) in bulk.  I’m talking  Sam’s club “big as a cooler” containers of tortilla chips.   I don’t care how much money you think you are saving, when you buy in huge quantities it tells your brain that there is more than enough and that you can eat to your heart’s content. Buy pints, not gallons of ice cream no matter how much money you think you are saving.  Yes, stock up when things are on sale, and have a separate storage place for the back-ups.  That’s just good economics.  But those huge all you can eat packages in your daily space are ridiculous.  They mess with your mind.  Leave them where they are.  Dole  things out into containers that are reasonable.

It’s a mind game.

Play It to Win

Create your OWN shelf in all spaces that contain only YOUR foods.  This includes cabinets, counter top and fridge and LABEL IT with your name. This way you are not rifling through crappy choices when you are trying to get to what you need. Remove as much temptation as possible.  As much as it pains me to say this, this space needs to be off limits to everyone else.

Are you clear that this means your space is off limits to others?

You must have good choices available when you need them. Reaching your goals means being prepared. Click To Tweet

This is super critical to your success.

If you go to get something you think/know is in the fridge and it is no longer there because someone else consumed it, you are stuck making a less than desirable choice.  I always recommend making a separate smaller container for others to eat. Can’t hurt, right?  If they like it, you can coax them over with more goodies.

Planning for your success is key to maintaining your momentum. Be clear with your family that they cannot undermine your ability to succeed with your goals.  You need to know at all times what is available for you to eat and when you need to plan time to prepare more food.

Set yourself up for success.  If you don’t, no one else will.

You’ve got this.

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Great tips Jodi! As you said, preparation is key regardless of whether you live with people. And these tips are helpful if you have a spouse or partner who hasn’t come around to the healthy side yet 🙂 Thanks!

Thanks for commenting.

Hi Jodi! Absolutely. I love organzing my food – so I can see all the healthy stuff. Thanks again for sharing all your healthy tips with us.

Lisa Sulsenti says:

Right on with this!


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