Resources – Informative and Trusted
Resources – Informative and Trusted
Resources – Informative and Trusted

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Finding Solid Resources Online Isn’t As Easy As It May Seem

There is a LOT of garbage and mis-information floating around on the internet.  A lot. I spend a ton of time reading and researching articles and sources before I ever hit the share button.

If you follow me regularly, you’ll start to see some of my favorite peeps popping up again and again. Does this mean that I agree with everything they post?  No.  What it means, is that I’m pretty close to being on board with most of their content because clearly they are doing their research and hitting the mark with great frequency.

Trusted Resources

Cute, humorous, probably very interesting…not a trusted resource

Here is what you need to know before you read anything further.  Generally speaking, I’m a gal who is more interested in RESULTS than I am credentials.  Hard science is not always necessary for me.  I’ve gotten cynical about “research” and “studies” because when I dig, I frequently end up discovering that the are financed by the people who most benefit from their results.  Just about every notable agriculture school in the US is funded in some way, shape or form by the agribusinesses who poison us most.  None wants to bite the hand the feeds them.  It’s reality, plain and simple.

That said, you might not be on board with what I consider to be good sources of info.  I’m sharing because folks have asked, nothing more.

Just about every notable agriculture school in the US is funded in some way, shape or form by the agribusinesses who poison us most. Click To Tweet

Since so much of what I talk about relates to health let me just say this about medical doctors.  In my personal life I trust a variety of people to guide me on my own health and wellness.  Many of them, do not have medical degrees and have helped me significantly as I have moved forward in improving my health and my life.  Keep in mind that there is no right way for everyone to heal what ails them.  Yes, there are common threads in a lot of things that we all need to do, but each of us has unique needs that should be addressed and managed by a qualified professional that YOU feel comfortable with.  I avoid traditional doctors like the plague.  I have had so many bad experiences and mis-diagnosis that I’m just done.  Traditional medicine excels at trauma.  Seriously excels.  Everything else, not so much.

However, coming over to the “other side” as I like to call it is not for everyone.  The vast majority of folks want traditionally trained doctors handing them advice. The movement towards integrating a more holistic/integrative/functional approach to health is very important.  If you are going the traditional medical route, please…I urge you…find a holistic doctor that sees the whole picture and isn’t married to their prescription pad.

Soapbox out!

Here Are Some of my Favorite Doctors with an Online Presence.

Most focus on autoimmune diseases.

Noteworthy Organizations

Autoimmune Warriors

Worth your time – Miscellaneous

Dip your toe in the pool.  See what you might discover.  You might just be surprised.

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I agree with you man, a lot of garbage out there on the internet. Keep doing you. Great work.

Sooooo needed that today. Thank YOU for taking the time to write. Some days…it feels like a relentless uphill battle.


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