Simply Irresistible – Engineered Foods
Simply Irresistible – Engineered Foods
Simply Irresistible – Engineered Foods

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I call it the trifecta – the combination of fat, salt and sugar.  Manufacturers of processed foods know it’s a winning combo and they are exploiting the hell out of it in the hope that they’ll be able to sink their hook into your wallet.  They engineer “foods” to make them irresistible.

Have you noticed how the flavor “salted caramel” has blasted onto the scene in the last couple of years? EVERYONE is making a salted caramel version of dairy products.    It’s blatant exploitation of the trifecta, and this new “flavor combo” is exploding because it WORKS.  It’s highly addictive.

I talk with a LOT of people who are struggling with eliminating foods for the autoimmune protocol (AIP).  It can feel really overwhelming.  Not only are we stepping away from foods we have come to know and love, but many of those foods are specifically designed to addict us.  I urge you to stop beating yourself up for not being fully compliant on AIP right out of the gate.  You are working against a lot of factors.

Please watch this video so you can understand that it’s not all you failing to have willpower.  You are being highly manipulated.

You are powerless over these foods because they are DESIGNED to make you want more.

Knowledge is power.

THIS is Powerful

Please share this with anyone you know who might be struggling with food choices.

It may be exactly what they need to see to take their power back and get moving on a path to better health.

Please share this information with anyone you think might benefit from reading it.

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