In an effort to keep my sales page more digestible, I’ve pulled off the written and video testimonials and added them here so that anyone who wants to come and take a look can find them all in one place.

First hand experiences are better than anything I can tell you I am capable of doing.

I’m thrilled with my Inflammation Slayer’s outcomes.

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Just wanted to give a shout out to Jodi Brown and her Inflammation Slayer Program. Taking charge of our own health is super important! I have suffered with Autoimmune Disease (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and it is completely GONE. I started out with Jodi’s Green Smoothie Challenge a few years ago and most recently I participated in the Inflammation Slayer Program. The principles are clear and Jodi is generous with information and support. I recommend this program wholeheartedly as it has changed my life and health! Great value for $.
— Gillian Henner, San Diego

“One remarkable change: I have gone for the last 5 weeks without any chronic fatigue!! This continuous energy has not been mine for decades. I followed the teachings, understood the why behind them, and achieved my goal.”
— Hazell B, New Orleans

“Good News! I had a colonoscopy and the ulcerative colitis is gone!! Doctor was amazed. “
–Gillian Henner, San Diego

You will save money. I’m serious. Jodi is a chef and she knows how to use everything. Plus, she’s learned to eat the best food on a budget.
–Teresa H., Pensacola, FL

“This is an easy process, but you do have to want to improve your health. Jodi is right. Trust the process. She takes us step by step. No need to be in a hurry, you will get there. Weight reduction was not my goal, but oh my, I was loosing about a pound a week without even trying to loose weight. I was eating plenty of food, but it was good food, not the junk I had been eating. I never thought I would be this size again. My blood work numbers were great. My cholesterol came down 40 points. If you want to make a change, this is a great place that will get you on the path to better health. “
— L.W., Pensacola Florida

“Because cooking is second nature to you — you really underestimate how helpful all your cooking, prepping and storing tips are. I’m telling you — that’s your niche’. Nobody else is doing what you’re doing.”
–Teresa H., Pensacola, FL

“Jodi, you knocked the program out of the park! Your knowledge on this topic is obvious…you have slayed the inflammation dragon in your own life and developed this program to assist others in doing the same. I liked the videos you included with esteemed health professionals. The program started slowly and built momentum. Your cooking videos and professional chef tips are worth gold. “
–Roxanne Fleszar, Santa Fe, New Mexico

The power of your presence is the dynamic that inspired me to continue on and follow the protocol. I don’t know if you fully realize what a magnificent teacher you are. You are inspiring and full of knowledge. You back up your teachings with articles and talks by experts which gives you authenticity. Your enthusiasm is a driving force which spurs me on to stick to the program!! I will definitely be checking in with the next class!! I have never felt better”
— Hazel B., New Orleans

“I’ve known I needed to make some changes in my diet for a long time, but I just wasn’t doing it. It just felt too difficult, too overwhelming. The Inflammation Slayers program took away all of the overwhelm because it GENTLY laid out not only what I needed to do, but how I could do it most efficiently. In this program, I also wasn’t doing it alone. Having a system laid out that made it easy, plus Jodie’s support and the support of the rest of the program participants made such a HUGE difference to me. Plus, because Jodie is also a professional chef, she taught us both how to make it easy AND how to make it GOOD. With an elimination diet, I was afraid I would never eat a really delicious, satisfying meal again. Not so. I’d be lying if I said there weren’t things I missed, but I’m still eating really good food, and that makes it so much easier.”

— Madeleine Craig, Minnesota

“I called Jodi Brown. She put me on her program. Today my fatigue and depression are gone. The pains from the inflammation (didn’t know I had inflammation) are gone. I am optimistic about my future.”
— Cathy Harris, New Orleans

“Jodi is smart, funny, and passionate about sharing this information. The course is informative and extensive. Jodi gives tremendous support during and after the class. The steps that I have taken since I began my journey with Jodi have been life changing! She is the real deal, and her enthusiasm is infectious.”

— Gillian Henner, San Diego, CA

You’re doing a fantastic job and it’s obvious how much time you’ve put into making this program great. It also shows you really care about each of us and helping women heal themselves with food.”
— Teresa H., Pensacola, FL

“I appreciate you allowing us to be lifetime members – as not everyone can go the distance the first time around, not necessarily because they don’t want to but they’re not ready. But incremental change is still success because the person is still moving forward, just slowly. Thanks for giving so much of yourself to help us get well. I appreciate you so much, Jodi!!”

— D.N. Pensacola, FL

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