“Seriously, Jodi—I have had chronic gut issues and sleep issues for YEARS!  I have done every manner of alternative thing, herbal thing, supplement thing—all of which have produced some degree of healing results, but not fully.  I was almost convinced that my gut was just too damaged to heal and I would have to live with it.  Now, after a short WEEK I am convinced that this - the daily green smoothie - is the next big leap forward.  THANK YOU!!”

“We met at a Meet Up this summer and I wanted to tell you thank you so much!!! Because of the wonderful information that you share on your Facebook page, I’ve been transforming my life.  I was eating fast food and feeling miserable only a few months ago, but I’ve recently eliminated fast food, soda, etc and start buying organic food.  I’ve never felt better!  Your posts and knowledge have helped me so much and I just wanted to tell you that I am extremely grateful.  Thank you for your amazing work.  You are truly helping people change their lives.”

“All of your suggestions and tips have been incredibly helpful! The simplicity of your plan(s) not only make sense as you are imparting them, they actually succeed in execution.  The most daunting concept was the though of preparing a week’s worth of meals in a day.  WHAT AN ORDER! Or, so I reckoned.  The ease of creating a few dishes that I could parcel out into smaller serving/saver containers has proven one of the best kitchen plans EVER!  As I have gained momentum and established a sense of rhythm in the planning stage, the actual prep time and cooking time has become a feature I anticipate each week. Continue your path and the world is indeed becoming a better place minute by minute.”

“Love your energy and flexibility.  Info, delivery, subject matter all excellent.  I got more than I expected.”

“I am not a vegetarian or vegan but this was a helpful experience that has the potential to change my future eating habits and preferences.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I have learned a lot from and doing the Green Smoothie Challenge.  My husband is even more into it than I am!  I have always struggled with IBS and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.  Since I have been doing the green smoothies, my colon health is significantly better.  I appreciate what you are doing so much and wanted to reach out to you and tell you.  Thank you for what you do and please know that you have positively affected us.”

“I’ve got more pep in my step, more glide in my stride, more dip in my hip and more cut in my strut.  Thanks.”

“I love your easy manner, not too glossy, not too preachy. Inspirational, passionate and real.”

“I love what you are doing! Please keep educating!”