Why is stress bad for your health?
Why is stress bad for your health?
Why is stress bad for your health?

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You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again.


It’s OKAY to stop.

It’s OKAY to admit “I can’t keep this pace up any longer.”

It’s OKAY to just stay, “f#%k you, no more!”

It’s OKAY to say, “I am not superwoman NOR do I want to be.”

What the hell are we doing to ourselves? Seriously?

We are living in crazy times.  Digesting every day fully is impossible.  Totally, impossible. 

Our culture of flitting from one daily moment to the next and feeling like we never complete any task or thought compounds an already frenetic state.

I got my stress wake up call this fall.  I sure did.  I urge you to make the time to watch this video. Stress is serious business.  Don’t discount its negative effects on your overall health any longer. Stop putting off dealing with your stress! It’s not going away on its own. You are in charge of managing it.

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Why is stress bad for your health?


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